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Water Well Drillers

Over half of the world’s population depends on ground water. The search for ground water has evolved over centuries from dug wells to a less labor intensive Mud Rotary drilling method. Mud Rotary is the most common way of searching for water in the twenty first century. Mud Rotary drilling combines water and bentonite drilling gel into slurry more commonly called MUD which is circulated down a drill rod to the bottom and out the drill bit... Read More

Horizontal Directional Drillers

Horizontal Directional Drilling got its big start in the 1980s when the big fiber optic push stretched across the country. It was quickly realized that open cut trenching was very evasive. After a backhoe or trencher had cut open an area, another group would have to come in and repair the area and lay sod. In many historical areas across the country open cut installation was prohibited and people went without modern infrastructure. The concept of HDD drilling is very similar to vertical Mud Rotary with one big difference: the “GRAVITY” works against us... Read More

Geotechnical Drillers

Any major engineering feat has to start with a Geotech Driller. Regardless if it is a 50 story skyscraper, 5000 ft oil well, or the exploration of gold, the first thing contracted is a geophysical survey. These surveys will explain what type of soils will be encountered. This data is important to make sure that skyscraper doesn’t collapse in a earth quake, that our 5000ft oil well doesn't contaminate the surrounding area or that it doesn't cost too much to pump out of the ground. And yes, a geophysical survey determines if there is “gold in them their hills.”.. Read More

Core Drillers

The mining industry uses Core drilling as its main mode of exploration. In the Western United Sates, core drill exploration for copper, gold and silver is a year round venture. The concept of core drilling is very simple, a rod is attached to a diamond carbide bit with an open end. A typical size and type rod is a NQ coring rod. A NQ rod is measured in millimeters with a outside diameter of 69.90mm and a inside diameter of 69.30 or 2.75 inches OD by 2.72 inch ID... Read More

Environmental Drillers

The goals of Environmental drilling are to investigate, monitor, and sometimes remediate a specific job site. These goals are achieved by many different types of drilling applications such as Auger, Mud Rotary, Air Rotary, and Sonic Drilling. If you are an environmental driller and your form of drilling requires a drilling fluids or mud to achieve your desired depth, then it is important that you and your company use a solids control system...Read More

Geothermal Drillers

According to the Department of Energy, geothermal heating and cooling is about 8% of the market with a projected 30% increase in the next 5 years. The big thing that we need to understand is the concept that geothermal drilling and water well drilling are not one in the same. It is no longer a well you are drilling it is a geothermal borehole and that is a much easier task than drilling, installing, and developing a water well. The goal of drilling a geothermal borehole is to be able to get the loops to bottom and effectively grout the hole from bottom to top...Read More

Oil Field Drillers

Conventional Mud Rotary is the drilling method of choice to explore for oil. This is the same type of drilling that is used for Water Well Drilling and Geothermal Drilling. Although it is the same method, the Oil Industry invented Mud Drilling first. The year was 1901 at Spindle Top Texas at the Lucas oil well. The issue with drilling on the Texas coast was that the top few hundred feet was composed all sand instead of the typical rock drilling... Read More

Tunnel Drillers

Tunneling and Micro Tunneling are key types of drilling to install any type of tunneling from sewage to a subway. Tunneling machines work a lot like a large Horizontal Drill. Drill Cuttings need to be transported from the Tunneling Boring Machine Head or TBM, to the rear of the drill. Tunneling Machines create large amounts of drilling cuttings due to the size of hole that is cut. A 20ft diameter tunnel will create 11.7 cubic yards of drill cuttings per foot of tunnel drilled...Read More



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