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Environmental Drilling

The goals of Environmental drilling are to investigate, monitor, and sometimes remediate a specific job site. These goals are achieved by many different types of drilling applications such as Auger, Mud Rotary, Air Rotary, and Sonic Drilling. If you are an environmental driller and your form of drilling requires a drilling fluids or mud to achieve your desired depth, then it is important that you and your company use a solids control system. Environmental sites require that all drill cuttings are contained and drilling fluids should be prevented from running off into non-desirable areas (keeping the surrounding environment safe).

Environmental Auger Drilling

A Mud Puppy solids control unit can clean your drill mud and leave semi dry drill cuttings that are easily contained. Semi dry drill cuttings can be hauled away much easier than a slurry with drill cuttings in it. If your company does monitoring wells then it is important that your drilling fluid is re-circulated with the least amount of drill solids possible so that the monitoring screen can be easily developed for good sampling throughout the well's life. A Mud Puppy rotary shaker aids in the development of monitor screens by removing all large cuttings out of the drilling fluid on the lower shaker scalping screen.

It then removes all small 20 micron cuttings through the desanders and on the upper 100 mesh rotary shaker screen. A clean drilling fluid will allow for true clean soil samples yielding the best results for soil identification. A Mud Puppy will insure that the best hole possible is drilled with minimal invasion to the surrounding area. The main goal when drilling is to be Environmentally Responsible and that can be easily achieved with a Mud Puppy solids control system.

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