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Geothermal Drillers
Geothermal Drilling

According to the Department of Energy, geothermal heating and cooling is about 8% of the market with a projected 30% increase in the next 5 years. The big thing that we need to understand is the concept that geothermal drilling and water well drilling are not one in the same. It is no longer a well you are drilling it is a geothermal borehole and that is a much easier task than drilling, installing, and developing a water well. The goal of drilling a geothermal borehole is to be able to get the loops to bottom and effectively grout the hole from bottom to top. The basics are very simple: they involve drilling a borehole to use the constant ground temperature to heat or cool your home. The ground temperature fluctuates near the surface, which is why it is suggested to drill holes greater than 50 feet. Basically, we want to take the 48 to 50 degree ground temperature 3 to 6 feet outside the bore and use it to either cool our fluid or warm it up.

A lot like Water Well Drilling Mud Rotary Drilling is also the desired method for installing geothermal loops. Mud Rotary Drilling combines water and bentonite drilling gel into a mixture more commonly called MUD which is circulated down a drill rod to the bottom and out the drill bit. The bit spins at speeds upwards of 200rpms and is lowered into the hole by the Top Head or Kelly of the drill rig. As the bit penetrates the soil, it creates smaller fragmented pieces that are called drill cuttings. The MUD carries these cuttings to surface to create an open hole from the top down to the bottom. The drill cuttings are collected into a mud pan or settling pit on surface and then the MUD is re-circulated to continue the drilling process.

It is necessary to remove these cutting as fast as possible so that they do not get re-circulated down hole. The optimum goal is to remove all the undesirable drill solids and send a clean mud carrying new cutting up and out of the hole. Settling Pits or Mud Pans will not settle these cutting fast enough to allow you to drill multiple holes a day. The Mud Puppy Solids Control Unit can remove cuttings from the mud fast and keep your drilling on schedule. Also the Mud Puppy can keep the mud weight under 9.0lbs per gallon allowing for easy loop installation. On Geothermal Projects site maintenance is just as important as getting the loops to the bottom. A Mud Puppy Solids Control System will aid in keeping your jobsite clean by removing dry cuttings and leaving the fluid to be used for drilling.

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