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Sand Guzzler

Sand Guzzler

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Sand Guzzler In Action

Sand Guzzler - Cast Iron

The Patented Pick-up Pump which has the capacity of carrying rocks and other debris along with drilling fluid.
The Sand Guzzler is a self contained centifugal pump which comes in two different sizes and is avaliable in two different materials.

All MudPuppys INCLUDE the Sand Guzzler
The Sand Guzzler is placed in a small pit near the drill hole so that it can be totally submersed in the drilling fluid that rises from the hole. In normal operation the content of the pit will rise and fall. As the Sand Guzzler gets covered it will fill with drilling fluid and any rocks or cuttings up to 2” diameter, through openings around its base.

With no seals or bearings in the pump the Sand Guzzler can run dry.
Once inside the Sand Guzzler it is pumped sown hoses to the MudPuppy, using internal impellers.

*All Sand Guzzler pumps come with the Parker Hydraulic Motor: Tibban Part# SG001001 Max RPM 3000 Max PSI 3000

Sand Guzzler Parts (Mix & Match):

Sand Guzzler Specs:

  • Mud 0-500 gpm
  • Hydraulic Oil 10-20 gpm @ 2000 psi

Pump Size

  • T09 - 9” Impeller x 3” Cam Lock 350 gpm
  • T-ll - 11” Impeller x 4” Cam Lock 500 gpm


  • CI - Cast Iron
  • PH - Poly
  • RK - REbuild Kit w/out motor & housing
  • RM - Rebuild Kit w/motor (does not include housing)

Impeller Pressure

  • HP - High Pressure (Poly Only)
  • SP - Standard Pressure

Impeller Options

  • Cast Iron: Will last 2-3 times longer than aluminum; can be used with all drilling muds.
  • Poly: Will last 2-3 times longer than the cast iron; can be used with all types of drilling fluid.

Impeller Housing Options

  • C - Cast Iron: Weighs more than the aluminum but will last 2-3 times longer
  • P - Poly: Weight is minimal and although more expensive it will be cost effective because of longevity. Weighs less than the aluminum housing.