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Tunneling & Micro Tunneling

Tunneling and Micro Tunneling are key types of drilling to install any type of tunneling from sewage to a subway. Tunneling machines work a lot like a large Horizontal Drill. Drill Cuttings need to be transported from the Tunneling Boring Machine Head or TBM, to the rear of the drill. Tunneling Machines create large amounts of drilling cuttings due to the size of hole that is cut. A 20ft diameter tunnel will create 11.7 cubic yards of drill cuttings per foot of tunnel drilled. That is 2.5 dump truck loads of material every foot. If that material is in a drilling fluid it will need to be removed.

The tunnel fluid has to be free of drill cuttings before it can be pumped back through the small nozzles on the front of the tunneling head face. Tunneling is very time consuming and expensive so you must do the project right from the beginning or you risk delays and more expenditure. Solids laden fluid will plug the bit face and eat up all of the job profit. The best way to remove drill cuttings is through the use of a solids control system. The Mud Puppy solids control system is designed to help remove massive amounts of drill cuttings.

The Mud Puppy with Sand Guzzler will transport these cuttings at 500 gallons per minute to the Mud Puppy unit and start removing cuttings instantly and effectively. Keep in mind that it is always good drilling practices to size up the job with the right size solids control system. Mud Puppy and Tibban MFG can assist you in building the right size unit to take on any size tunneling project.

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